Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg)

Palace Hallway

Hallway in the winter palace.
Peacock Clock

The peacock clock that still works, several hundred years old and is set to chime on Wednesdays at 6:00PM, we didn't stick around to see if it would actually be set off.
Peter the Great Tomb

Tomb of Peter the Great
Photo from Top of Hotel in Moscow

A photo from the top of our hotel in Moscow.

Red Square and Lenin Tomb

Red Square and Lenin's tomb. One can tour the tomb and see Lenin laying in state, but he was under repair when we were there. The church in Russia feels that Lenin should be buried, as there will be no peace with Russia until he is buried.
Red Square

A shot of Red Square in Moscow.

The Kremlin in Moscow.
Russian Prison

Russian prison. Not so bad... had mattresses, one per cell, and heat. Nothing like we are told about.
Sergeev Passad Monastery

Sergeev Passad Monastery (an hour outside of Moscow). This is the monastery that Mickey got in trouble for wearing gloves in the church. An old woman warned her, sternly, that the healing of the spirits could not get to Mickey because she wore gloves in the church.
Sherry MacDonalds St. Petersburg

Sherry and Mickey end up at McDonald in every country. This time is was a pleasant surprise because it was of the world themes. Also, in Russia they use real fat to make their french fries. They were fantastic.
Shoot Jameson Bus by Dave

Bus ride in Moscow. James is being a terd so Dave draws a target on the back window in hopes that James will see it and cheer up. He does, it is one of the best shots.
Shot from window at Hermitage

The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.
St. Basils

Shot of St. Basils in Red Square.
St. Petersburg Nautical Monument

Photo of the Naval Memorial in St. Petersburg.
St. Basil

St. Basils in Red Square
St. Basil Spires

The spires of St. Basil. More beautiful than one could ever imagine.
St. Pete Hotel

Hotel in St. Petersburg.
St. Pete hotel lobby

Sherry at the desk of the hotel in St. Petersburg. Note the stained glass wall behind the counter.
Statue Model from Death 
Mask of Peter the Great

Statue (made from a mold), of Peter the Great. He appears disproportioned because he was a very strange looking man. He had a tiny head, long arms and legs, and tiny feet. He often wore boots stuffed with material to allow him to appear as if he had normal size feet.
Sub Painting at Naval Museum

Submarine painting in administrative office at the naval museum in St. Petersburg.
There goes my camera BRIAN

This is at the naval museum. Brian has just given a total stranger my camera, and she is backing out the door to get a better shot. Statue is of Peter the Great.
Throne Room

The throne room, never used for royal activities.
Tomb of Unknown in Russia

The soviet version of the tomb of the unknown and the eternal flame.
Train to St. Petersburg

Train from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Caviar, vodka, a full moon, and the quiet rumble of the train through the snowy countryside.
Travel Group

Dinner with travel group.
We have you covered at 
Naval Museum

Photo of map from Naval Museum. Shows where the Russians were in their submarines.
What is behind Orthodox Altars

An unusual shot. This is what it looks like behind the alter areas in church.
Usually there is a wall that separates this area from the prayer areas. No chairs in Russian churches, all stand.
Winter Palace
WWII Memorial from Hotel 
in St. Petersburg

WWII memorial in St. Petersburg. Beautiful memorial, indoor and outdoor, heated and well maintained.
WWII Memorial in 
St. Petersburg

WWII memorial in St. Petersburg. Beautiful memorial, indoor and outdoor, heated and well maintained.

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