100_0080.mov (In School)

100_0169.mov (low-light playing at home)

100_0181.mov  (low-light say hello!)


Caroline in crib at day care.
(aka Caroline Under Glass)


Caroline playing with Mommy and Daddy.
She's not too sure about this idea, but is willing to try!


You want me to do what?


You have to be kidding me.


You want me to act like a model!


A what, a fashion starlet?


Then I blow kisses to my fans!
(That would be Peanut and Jenny - grandma's doggies)



OK, now you've gone too far. 
You gotta' be kidding me!

What, you just happen to have a princess crown floating around the house?


I'm still mulling over the motivation.


Sounds kind of cheesy!


Wow, I didn't know I had that... Where'd that come from?


I'm outta' here.


This stuff is kind of cool.


How about I take the pictures and you come over here.
I know you are going to use these against me when I'm 16.


Hmmm, thought I had toes down there somewhere.


Hey, daddy's here - now I can have fun.


And look, there's my bear buddy!  Where ya' been?


I love that guy!


OK, maybe this isn't that bad. 
As long as you didn't ask me to do something too strange looking.


Now I'm having fun.


I need a milk break soon!


No milk yet?  Who's the talent here?


What do you mean you want one more look?


Oh no!


No way!  Where's Dad?  Daddddddy!


Oh, you are in on it.


Let me think it over.


What, you appreciate my cooperation and will try this shoot some other time.
I'm not showing up, but sure... we'll reschedule.


OK, I admit that it was a little bit of fun.  You crack me up - where do
you come up with these ideas?


You guys!


Is it milk time yet?


I'm having a lay down strike unless you let me take a break!


Or I'll just find daddy, he lets me do anything I want.


Oh, he thinks this whole Valentine's theme thing is creative.


I'm out off here!

(Get it, the end, my end... tee hee hee)