Caroline's Nursery - Girls Like Submarines Too!

(Submarine theme - boys and girls love submarines!)


(Inside the crib)


Bow on curtain
(Mickey is still working on making the curtains - they still need hemming.
The rods are swing arms, allowing the curtains to swing
totally open to open up the view.)

The submarine light in the window is suspended
from the window glass (3M products are wonderful).
Yes, we are going to baby proof these lamps and cords!

Queen size bed... many of our friends and family have suggested
an adult size bed in the nursery - since you spend so much time in the room.

The book on the bed is "the baby manual" - it is an operators manual
for babies (no kidding).  It is the most hilarious, yet extremely useful baby book
that we have seen.  It was a gift from Tommy, Niki, and Trent - Thank you!


Sub rug and changing table
(still building the changing table - a much
appreciated hand me down).



Growing up happens... the nursery is a great place to put those lava lamps!
One makes waves on the ceiling and the other is a traditional blue lava.


Below is one of the two prams that we have collected over the years.
We plan on using the 2 prams as rolling bassinets, one on each floor.
Not to mention that the stroller we have also comes with the bassinet attachment.
We also have one of those mobile crib/play yards, but hope that these prams will work better
for convenience.  Of course, as our friends continue to tell us, the baby will make these
decisions as it feels like it, usually at 3AM.


The pram handle for this pram is currently in the carriage (for space considerations).