Caroline Grace Fletcher

Born 6:31p.m. - March 28, 2005
5 lbs. 14 oz.
Stem to stern:  19 inches


6 hours old


6 hours old


17 hours old


minutes old
(Daddy Brian, Baby Caroline, Mom Mickey)
What a day!  Ouchhhhhhhhhhh!  But worth the outcome.



movie files - large AVIs!

Day 1


Day 10




If movie has played and you want to replay it - right click on image > scroll down to play.






Labor & Delivery

A kiss from daddy after a long day!

36 minutes old and already interested in technology!

Aunt Kate coaching baby through post natal testing!

Aunt Lisa and Caroline!

Aunt Kate and Caroline
(19 inches tall versus 6+ feet - the 19 incher is winning.)

Before drugs contraction - After drugs contraction
(dilation chart)
After drugs - Noooooo problem!  Better living through Chemistry!

There are lots more photos of the grandparents and family, 
but I've run out of computer time because someone small and demanding is calling my name!